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Body Massage Centres In The Hsr Layout Bangalore

The tranquil setting of the spa produces a heavenly atmosphere where every nerve end and muscle is cared for. The relaxing atmosphere is enhanced by the fragrant oils and soothing music. Allow those who are skilled in wellness to do their duties with the aid of massages, body cleanses, and wraps. Shine will radiate from your body, and it will have a long-lasting effect on your skin. Visit our top spa in Bangalore and experience the magic of our massage firsthand from the hands of professionals.

We offer specialized body washes and wraps that give your body a boost of energy and an olfactory sensation that makes you feel unique and like you're in heaven. Our body washes, which we make from the components of the soil and fruits that grow organically, will give your skin the natural vitamins it has been lacking.

If the idea of having oil on your body makes you uneasy, we have a solution that will entice you to return to us in search of the relaxation we offer to our clients. We are the

  • best body massage centres in HSR Layout in Bangalore
  • . We provide our clients with the greatest body massage treatment in Bangalore, which is exceptional for clients looking for a full-body massage without the use of oil. IzSpa has highly skilled therapists that can do any type of massage while relieving sore muscles.

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    Massage Service Price

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    Basic Package

    ₹ 2500 To ₹ 3500
    Short Duration
    One Session
    1 TO 2 Hour Duration

    Classic Package

    ₹ 3500 To ₹ 5000
    Short Duration
    Two Session
    3 TO 5 Hour Duration

    Business Package

    ₹ 5000 To ₹ 8000
    Long Duration
    Three Session
    5 TO 8 Hour Duration

    VIP PRO Package

    ₹ 8000 To ₹ 10,000
    Day Duration
    Five Session
    24 Hour Duration

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